FNBT honors Aspirus IR Hospital for Spread Goodness Day today

FOR SPREAD GOODNESS DAY today, First National Bank & Trust chose to buy lunch for the employees and staff at Aspirus Iron River Hospital to recognize their hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic. From left are Glenn Dobson, FNBT senior financial analyst; Ryan Meske, FNBT community bank president; Nancy Ponozzo, the hospital’s director of nursing; and Rae Kaare, Aspirus Iron River’s chief administrative officer

IRON RIVER– Spread Goodness Day, an event started by Anna Dravland of Marquette that takes place annually in March, is intended to inspire a global day of goodness by encouraging individuals, businesses and organizations to make an act of goodness on that day.

First National Bank & Trust has participated since Spread Goodness Day’s 2018 inception. For this year’s event today, the bank decided to show appreciation and support for Aspirus Iron River Hospital employees and staff for their hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ryan Meske, community bank president, presented the Aspirus team with a $1,000 donation to provide lunch for Aspirus staff and employees today for Spread Goodness Day.

“Aspirus Iron River would like to thank First National Bank and Trust for this generous donation to show their appreciation to the employees,” said Rae Kaare,the hospital’s chief administrative officer. “The community and businesses in Iron County have been very supportive to Aspirus Iron River during the pandemic. Having the support from the community gives hope to the staff and brings them joy knowing they are being thought of. Supporting each other during difficult times will get us through the challenges we are facing.”

To learn more about Spread Goodness Day, go to the website at www.spreadgoodnessday.com.


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