DNM Greenhouse springs up in Aurora

KATHI KRANS, LEFT, with daughter Koree Krans opened DNM Greenhouse in Aurora, Wis., in April. (Jim Paul/Daily News photo)

AURORA, Wis. — DNM Greenhouse is here to help this year with spring and summer planting.

The business opened for their first season in April at County Roads B and N on the west side of Aurora.

For owner Kathi Krans and daughter/manager Koree Krans, DNM Greenhouse is a pleasure, not a job. Koree Krans has the knowledge and experience after working at other area greenhouses, while Kathi Krans has always been an avid gardener.

“I get to enjoy all these plants. I love it and cannot get enough of them,” Koree Krans said. “It is so fun every week seeing the new varieties that come in that we have not seen before. It is fun for me every day.”

The name is a play on Kathi Krans’ other business, Docks-N-Moor.

DNM GREENHOUSE IS at W1139 County Road N in Aurora, Wis. (Jim Paul/Daily News photo)

DNM Greenhouse’s location at County Roads B and N is a logical choice, as the Krans’ both live nearby and the family has owned the property for years.

“Aurora needed something. We had a nice location here, just waiting for something to happen, so we figured we would give it a shot and see how people responded to it and so far it has been wonderful,” Kathi Krans said.

Setting the business up on the property did not come without challenges, though. The wind across the open area made getting the plastic over the tunnel-style greenhouse very difficult; future plans call for making the greenhouse more permanent by adding metal along the sides.

Water for the plants also needed to be hauled in, since no source was available on site, they said.

But that didn’t keep them from opening.

DNM Greenhouse sells a variety of annuals, perennials and hanging baskets. Kathi Krans said they have received many compliments as well on their patio pots — container planters in multiple sizes that have three to five different kinds of flowers in them.

Every week a truck arrives with new inventory. Some varieties in stock include roses, hibiscus, hydrangeas and lilacs. They offer some vegetables as well while supplies last.

In addition, DNM Greenhouse sells Amish patio furniture made from recycled plastic. The furniture is very durable, they said, and can be left outdoors year around.

DNM Greenhouse will remain open as long as they see demand and their supplier can keep bringing them inventory, Kathi Krans said. Koree Krans hopes they are able to continue through the summer, as mums come into season later and DNM Greenhouse may begin to offer houseplants. Next year they hope to have berry bushes, fruit trees and grape vines.

They are considering opening for a month to six weeks in the fall as well, when they would offer corn stalks, straw bales, pumpkins, wine-barrel arrangements and other fall decor.

The mother-daughter pair do not think they compete with other area greenhouses — “I love all greenhouses,” Koree Krans said — but believe each has something different to offer. DNM, for example, has some unique floral arrangements, Kathi Krans said.

“If I know they have something that we do not, I send the customer there because I would hope that they would do the same in return,” Koree Krans said.

DNM Greenhouse is at W1139 County Road N in Aurora and for now is open 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week. They can be reached at 906-221-7053.


The Daily News plans to highlight some of the new businesses in the region. Know of one that recently opened or changed hands? Contact Jim Paul at 906-774-2772, ext. 229, or jpaul@ironmountaindailynews.com.


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