Santini planning Reiki workshop April 18-19 in IM

IRON MOUNTAIN – Maria Terese Santini will be returning to her hometown of Iron Mountain from Los Angeles to teach another Reiki training workshop.

The workshop will be held the weekend of April 18-19, at Northern Michigan Dance Academy, which is located at 222 E. Hughitt St. in Iron Mountain.

Reiki is an alternative healing practice using universal life force energy to balance and align the energy centers (chakras) of the human body. Reiki aids in overall mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness; promoting one’s health and happiness.

By attending the weekend training, participants will learn how to give Reiki self-treatments, how to channel the Reiki energy for others to heal, and how to tap into yourself and your intuition. There is no belief required for it to work, Santini said.

She has taught several workshops in the area since last summer and, there has been a “Reiki Share” that was created once a month in the area for all those who have come together to heal and grow.

For more information, contact her co-teacher Sally Heidtke at (906) 396-9137 or visit www.iammariaterese.com to contact Santini directly.