Michigan Freight Plan being updated to meet new requirements

LANSING — The Michigan Department of Transportation’s Michigan Freight Plan, a supplement to the 2035 MI Transportation Plan, is being updated to meet new requirements in the most recent federal transportation authorization bill, the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act.

The existing freight plan is available for public review on the Michigan Freight Plan website at www.michigan.gov/freightplan.

The public is invited to send comments on the existing plan via the comment box on the website. The updated plan will be available for review and comment in August, with a public webinar scheduled in September.

The Public Involvement Plan can be found at the above link.

The Michigan Freight Plan is a comprehensive overview of the state’s freight transportation system, including existing assets, system performance, and the investments required to ensure long-term success. A multi-modal and intermodal resource, the plan provides an overall framework for Michigan freight system improvements and priorities, including a list of statewide projects designed to address freight transport mobility in the state.