Retirements at DCHS

From left are Pam Maule, Linda Opsahl, Mary Chartier, Ann Frankini, Carol Quinnell, Lori Senatori, Cynthia Gordon, Karin Richards, Dr. Charlene Greene, Judy Occhietti, Sharleen Koepp and Peggy Freeman.

Dickinson County Healthcare System recently had a Retirement Tea to recognize those who dedicated huge portions of their lives to DCHS.

“It is mindboggling to me when I hear the tenure and longevity of some of our staff members. Several of our retirees have worked for DCHS for more than 40 years … I truly believe these many years of service are true indicators of the passion these folks possess when it comes to helping others and doing a great job,” said Joe Rizzo, public relations manager and host of the celebration.