VA interns complete doctoral psychology program

Dr. Francis McMenamin, above, and Dr. Robert Jackson recently completed a one-year psychology intern program, earning doctoral degrees. Both will practice at the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center in Iron Mountain

IRON MOUNTAIN — Robert Jackson and Francis McMenamin have graduated from the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center’s sixth class of doctoral interns in psychology.

The two began their one-year internship in August 2019 and graduated July 29.

The internship represents the final requirement to earn a doctoral degree in professional psychology.

“Francis and Rob were given a uniquely challenging year with COVID-19, and they both met the challenge well,” said Dr. Jared Bakker, internship training director.

The Iron Mountain-based VA medical center is accredited with the American Psychological Association for its doctoral internship in psychology program.

Dr. Robert Jackson

“We’re very proud to have the only accredited doctoral psychology internship program in all of Upper Michigan.” said Dr. Thad Strom, chief of mental health service. “It allows us to bring quality trainees and staff members to the area to better serve our community’s veterans.”

“Rob and Francis did a great job, and we’re thankful to be able to keep them on staff for next year,” Strom added.

The Veterans Health Administration places a high priority on the education of future professionals, and the Iron Mountain-based VA Medical Center is a regional leader in training students pursuing careers in the medical and mental health professions.


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