Sinkhole in Iron Mountain


Staff Writer

IRON MOUNTAIN – Officials are investigating a small sinkhole that opened up earlier this week on the walking trail near Chapin Pit on the north side of Iron Mountain.

Dickinson County Mine Inspector Steven Smith said that the hole is currently about three feet in diameter and about three to four feet deep.

“It’s too early to tell what it might be,” he added. “We’re still looking at it.”

According to Smith, the sinkhole could lead to a mine shaft or it could be the settling of an old building. Old maps of the area are not necessarily clear on what exactly used to be in that location, he noted.

The city of Iron Mountain plans to use a Vactor truck to clean out the hole.

“Once it’s clean, we’ll get a better idea of what it is,” said Smith.

In the meantime, the area around the sinkhole has been blocked off with orange fencing for safety reasons.

Smith explained that since the sinkhole is right in the middle of a walking trail, there is a danger that people might get too close to it. He urges the public to not cross the fence.

“Please do not attempt to investigate on your own,” said Smith.

Nikki Younk’s e-mail address is nyounk@ironmountaindailynews.com.


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