Mechatronics competition

Systems Control sponsored an in-house competition, for the Electrical & Mechanical Systems in Industry (Mechatronics) class, at the DIISD Tech Center in Kingsford. They designed the competition and awarded prizes for first, second, and third place students. Students were judged on their ability to wire a panel using a wiring diagram to System Control standards. They were also judged on employability skills and attendance. Instructor, Susan Sturm and the EMSI students are extremely grateful for the enthusiasm and support of these generous business partners and look forward to making this an annual event. From left are Zach Samborski, second place student; Anthony Palmer, third place student; Chad Pollack, project manager Systems Control; Mike Hoy, panel test supervisor Systems Control; Nikki Bowers, Systems Control Human Resources recruiter; Susan Sturm, instructor and Travis Taff, first place student.