Scholarships awarded at Forest Park

Hannah Cross, left, and Lilly Wesseln, right, accept the Raise Her Up Scholarship from Nancy Hronkin-Force of the Crystal Falls Area Community Foundation.

CRYSTAL FALLS — The Crystal Falls Area Community Foundation and Forest Park High School awarded scholarship to these members of the Class of 2018 —

— Megan Aberly: Forest Park Alumni, $250.

— Avery Sommers: Howard F. Koob Memorial, $380.

— Hannah Cross: Anna and Caroline Schmid Memorial, $5,000; Lillian Galbraith Community Service, $1,000; Raise Her Up, $1,000.

— Emme Emmers: Alina Snell Memorial, $465; Crystal Falls-Forest Park Retired Teachers, $400; Paul and Georgiana Schook Memorial, $775.

Al Anderson presents Madison Hundley with the Clark Schwedler Memorial Scholarship.

— Tejai Kernats: Amasa Gibson Forest Park High School, $700.

— Madison Hundley: Clark Schwedler Memorial, $1,600; Gladys Henskey Christ United Methodist, $550.

— Julianna Schultz-Love: Dahm’s Family, $1,725.

— Robert Ponchaud: Robert B. Hockings, $175.

— Dawson Ponchaud: Gladys Henskey Memorial, $530; Gus and Vi Eckola, $130; Steve Warner Memorial, $135; Terry Divine Memorial, $170.

Crystal FALLS AREA Community Foundation and Forest Park High School representatives shown with 2018 scholarship recipients — from left, front, are Megan Aberly, Avery Sommers, Hannah Cross, Emme Emmers, Tejai Kernats, Madison Hundley, Juli Schultz, Robert Ponchaud and Dawson Ponchaud; in the middle row are Zac Stoor, Lily Wesseln, Carolyn Bloomburg, Maddie Scarlassara, Alina Soha, Reuben Stoor and Thomas Lesniewski; in back are Gene Dziubinski, Allison Soderberg, Tyler Peltoma, Char Anderson, Al Anderson, Faith Peterson and Bill Leonoff. Not shown is Kristin Stacy.

— Zachary Stoor: Anna and Caroline Schmid Memorial, $5,000; Crystal Falls Business Association, $450; Forest Park Humanities, $400; Perina Sartori and Gene Sartori, $500.

— Lily Wesseln: Anna and Caroline Schmid Memorial, $5,000; Raise Her Up, $1,000.

— Carolyn Bloomburg: Irving and Kathleen McLeod, $575.

— Madison Scarlassara: Alina Snell Memorial, $465; Forest Park Science, $400; Perina Sartori and Gene Sartori, $500.

— Alina Soha: Father Gondek, $580.

— Reuben Stoor: Eugene and Kathryn Sedberry, $710.

— Thomas Lesniewski: Robert and Jeana Flood Family, $4,000.

— Tyler Peltoma: Dahm’s Family, $1,725.