Prosecutor issues report

IRON MOUNTAIN — Dickinson County Prosecutor Lisa M. Richards has released her office’s activity report for the month of August.

The office received 87 police reports from the five area law enforcement agencies and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

From the reports received, the office authorized 14 felony and 45 misdemeanor warrants. Sixteen warrant requests were reviewed and denied, and three were resubmitted to the investigating agency with a request for further investigation to be completed.

Warrants authorized included 17 for domestic violence or assault offenses, 18 for alcohol offenses, seven for theft or property offenses, nine for drug offenses, 17 for traffic offenses, one for carrying a concealed weapon, and one for fugitive from justice.

The office also drafted and submitted four abuse and neglect petitions and three juvenile delinquency petitions to the probate court.

Throughout the month, there were 11 scheduled preliminary examinations resulting in five defendants being bound over to the circuit court for further proceedings, 29 circuit court arraignments, 23 circuit court pre-trial conferences, and 10 circuit court sentencing hearings.