Haunt on the Hill: Norway couple expands one-of-a-kind Halloween display

Haunt on the Hill has everything from spider tunnels to outdoor living.

NORWAY — Halloween 2018 at Haunt on the Hill plans to be the biggest and scariest so far, organizers said.

Cathy and Pat Lebeau of 503 Oak St. in Norway have expanded their Halloween display and will open for a sneak peek to the public from 5 to 8 p.m. today and Sunday.

Haunt on the Hill will be ready for 13 continuous nights of haunting fun from 5 to 8 p.m. starting Friday and going through to Halloween.

New to the tour this year is The Rotten Patch, featuring dozens of rotting pumpkins and scary jack-o-lanterns.

“I’m calling it the ‘year of the pumpkin,'” Cathy Lebeau said, referring to their fifth annual event. “I have created some pretty special gourds for this scene.”

Cathy LeBeau prepares for her fifth annual Haunt on the Hill at 503 Oak St. in Norway. She and her husband, Pat, will offer a sneak preview tonight and Sunday, weather permitting. The LeBeaus have many new displays that are one-of-a-kind, handmade props, custom designed by Cathy. They will officially open their yard to visitors from 5 to 8 p.m. starting Friday through Halloween. The unique outdoor display is free and is open to all ages. (Terri Castelaz/Daily News photos)

Real pumpkins are part of the displays as well. “The pumpkin crop was very good this year — including our own,” she said.

Another new highlight is the creepy spider tunnel, which will be lit up at night. “The kids should really have fun going through the maze of webs,” she said.

Lebeau notes the web is made from beef netting used by butchers. “I used this company last year for the web on our hedges and had the idea to expand to make a tunnel,” she said. “The company donated the materials in exchange to post my how-to YouTube videos on their web page.”

She said it took three days to wrap the hedges and another three days to make the tunnel.

The “Witch’s Kitchen” once again has been expanded with a whole new spooky look, plus three new trick-or-treaters at the front of the house.

Some other additions include The Sloth in the Swing, a new scarecrow in the cornfield, and new scenery in Madame Lebeau’s Bootique and haunted campsite.

“Our gross addition is the dirty bloomers added to the clothes line,” she said.

One of the Lebeaus’ favorite pieces is Titamor the Troll, which was purchased at a convention they attend every other year in St. Louis. “We love going to the convention and getting new fun pieces,” Lebeau said.

The Lebeaus focus on hitting three senses — sight, sound and smell — with eerie lighting, spooky music and even special scents at different locations in the tour.

Patty Cakes the clown is back again, but has traded his chainsaw in for a special wand. “I’m a little nervous about Patty Cakes enjoying his new toy too much,” she said with a laugh.

Cathy Lebeau designs and creates many of these one-of-a-kind props herself. Many of her pieces are made from paper mache and need to be taken in from the heavy rain.

“I have been working on new projects since last November,” she said. “We always use past props but relocate them in a new scene.”

The couple began the process of setting up for the Halloween season in August.

“We take great joy in providing this for the community,” she said.

The LeBeaus always took decorating for Halloween seriously but decided to open their yard for the community to enjoy five years ago. “With the lack of trick-or-treaters, I thought this would be a great way to draw them here,” Lebeau said.

Haunt on the Hill is free of charge and always safe and fun for all ages. Any donations go back into the event, including new “I Survived Haunt on the Hill” bracelets, Halloween pillowcases for the youngsters as well as special giveaways on their Facebook page.

Those who are planning to attend are reminded to go to Haunt on the Hill’s Facebook page to check in case of inclement weather.

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