Native Wildflower Sale orders accepted

KINGSFORD –Dickinson Conservation District is currently taking pre-orders for its 2019 Native Wildflower Sale.

They are offering over 30 species, including perennial wildflowers, grasses and ferns that were selected to provide a variety of environmental benefits.

The plants are in 2.5-inch to 4-inch pots and range from $3 to $6 each. This year’s selection includes plants for dry or moist soil, sun or shade, and almost all are attractive to butterflies, bees, or birds.

Supplies are limited, so pre-orders are recommended. Plants will be available for pick-up or extra shopping at the Dickinson Conservation District office, 420 N. Hooper St. in Kingsford between May 31 and June 7.

The order form is available on our website www.dickinsoncd.org or by calling 906-774-1550, ext. 180. Phone orders are accepted with a credit card.


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