North Dickinson delivers

North Dickinson Superintendent/Principal Angel Inglese and teacher Amy Hord bring gifts off a school bus for graduating senior Grace Mattson.
Collin Mulder and his father, Ryan, watch the North Dickinson parade pull away after meeting up with them in the parking lot at the fire station in Sagola.
North Dickinson staff members Amanda Thoune, Mike Roell and Mike and Anna Christian finish decorating the back of a bus before the caravan set out. All of the buses featured photos of the seniors on the windows, along with messages of congratulations.
North Dickinson County High School senior Grace Mattson gets her graduation gifts and a tap of the wand from former teacher Anne Rochon, along with school board member Alex Graham, holding Mattson's drawing done by Tina Anderson.
North Dickinson County High School senior Cuyler Crites gets a delivery of graduation gifts from staff members while brother Caiden and parents Sally and Steve Crites look on.
North Dickinson High School senior Anthony Kinnunen gets his graduation gifts from staff member Angie Jungwirth, former teacher Anne Rochon, Amy Hord and Mike Roell.
North Dickinson County High School senior Ricki Mattson waves goodbye to the bus caravan after they dropped off graduation gifts at her home near Sagola. Waiting with her were brother Wyatt and sister Sophie.
North Dickinson County High School senior Fiona MacFadyen reacts after the bus caravan made a stop at her home near Sagola. Also in the photo are her brother, Colm; Connie Steinbrecher; and Alyse and Elsie Oman.
North Dickinson County High School senior Cameron Schultz met up with the bus caravan in the parking lot of the BP station in Sagola. With him was his father, Dave Schultz. In the truck were Mya LaCanne, Gabby Schultz, Kayte Dishaw and Amy Schultz.

With classes shut down and the prospects for a traditional graduation ceremony still in limbo, the North Dickinson County School District on Wednesday used a Michigan State Police-escorted caravan of school buses, fire and rescue trucks and staff vehicles to deliver caps, gowns and other gifts to most of the 22 seniors in its Class of 2020. Each senior was “adopted” by someone who bought gifts. Along with the caps and gowns every member of the class got a hand-drawn portrait done by local artist Tina Anderson.


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