New building for longtime Crivitz Lumber after fire in early 2019

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THE MANAGEMENT TEAM at Crivitz Lumber & Rental, inside their new building that opened in April, replacing the structure destroyed by fire in late January 2019. From left are Cory Siebert, Jessica Siebert and George Gocht IV. Below is the exterior of the new building. (Betsy Bloom/Daily News photo)

CRIVITZ, Wis. — A massive fire at the Crivitz Lumber & Rental in late January 2019 took down the central structure of the business, which had sections that dated back to at least 1906, if not longer.

It was a devastating blow to the Gocht family that incorporated Crivitz Lumber Co. a century ago this year. Gone was not just the main building and its inventory but historical memorabilia and photos the family had collected over five generations, said Jessica Siebert, who manages the business with her brother, George Gocht IV, and her husband, Cory Siebert. Crivitz Lumber is owned by her father, George Gocht III.

The cause of the fire was never determined, she said, though the fire chief later stated it was believed to have started in an office.

Yet difficult as that loss was, the family never faltered in intending to get Crivitz Lumber back in business. After all, they do specialize in building materials.

They worked out of their rental center office while rebuilding began on the same site and same foundation at 611 Main St. Since the fire happened on a very cold night — wind chills were thought to be about 20 to 30 degrees below zero — it didn’t manage to reach the outbuildings where other supplies and merchandise was stored.

THE EXTERIOR OF the new Crivitz Lumber & Rental building that opened in April, replacing the structure destroyed by fire in late January 2019. From left are managers Jessica Siebert, Cory Siebert and George Gocht IV. (Betsy Bloom/Daily News photo)

So the family was able to continue operations during construction. Even the COVID-19 restrictions this spring provided the opportunity to shut down in March for about a month to relocate the business to the new building.

On April 27, they had a “soft” reopening at their longtime location in downtown Crivitz.

Despite being displaced and the onset of the COVID pandemic, Jessica Siebert said business remains “really good.” Though they’ve offered curbside pickup service for those who don’t want to come inside, many have wanted to get a look at the new building.

“There’s been good feedback,” she said. “A lot of people are excited that we’re here again.”

Along with, of course, lumber, the business stocks paint and stain, flooring, electric and plumbing supplies, roofing, appliances, tools and equipment, even bird feeders. Items can be delivered.

SOME OLD WORK APRONS used in years past at the Crivitz Lumber Co. in Crivitz, Wis. The business lost a lot of its historic photos and memorabilia when a fire in January 2019 destroyed their former main building. (Betsy Bloom/Daily News photo)

They have CAD programs to assist in designing and planning. The business also can line up area contractors available to take on projects, be they full builds or renovations.

The rental side has a complete list of tools and equipment — including some heavy machinery — on its web site at www.crivitzlumber.com/rental-center.


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