State lists seven new COVID-19 deaths in UP

State health officials have reported seven new coronavirus-related deaths in the Upper Peninsula, including in Dickinson and Menominee counties.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services’ COVID-19 data site Saturday showed three new deaths in Baraga County and single deaths in Dickinson, Menominee, Marquette and Ontonagon counties.

Across the Upper Peninsula, the MDHHS data site Saturday listed 159 additional confirmed positives: 36 in Dickinson County, 29 in Marquette County, 27 in Chippewa County, 23 in Delta County, 14 in Houghton County, 11 in Menominee County, 10 in Alger County, six in Iron and Gogebic counties, four in Mackinac County, two in Schoolcraft County and one in Luce County; the state also reduced Baraga County’s count by 10.

In total for the U.P., the MDHHS had Keweenaw County at 56 confirmed cases and 12 probable, and one death, one probable death; Luce County, 118 confirmed cases and 49 probable; Alger County, 158 confirmed, 75 probable and one death, one probable; Schoolcraft County, 163 confirmed cases and 10 probable, one death and one probable; Mackinac County, 210 confirmed cases and 71 probable; Ontonagon County, 249 confirmed, 26 probable and 13 deaths, one probable; Chippewa County, 360 confirmed cases and 475 probable, and five deaths; Baraga County, 406 confirmed cases, 60 probable and 15 deaths; Gogebic County, 567 confirmed cases and 203 probable, 11 confirmed deaths and 12 probable deaths; Iron County, 680 confirmed cases and 36 probable, 29 confirmed deaths and four probable; Menominee County, 1,169 confirmed cases, 129 probable and 17 deaths; Houghton County, 1,255 confirmed cases, 264 probable, 11 confirmed deaths and two probable; Dickinson County, 1,621 confirmed cases and 90 probable, 40 confirmed deaths and six probable; Delta County, 2,188 confirmed cases and 249 probable, 48 confirmed deaths and 10 probable; and Marquette County, 2,536 confirmed cases, 305 probable and 30 deaths, one probable. State numbers are updated daily but can lag behind local reports or have other discrepancies.

Using only the state figures, the Upper Peninsula has had 11,736 confirmed COVID-19 cases to date and 222 deaths.

The MDHHS on Saturday reported 8,080 confirmed new COVID-19 cases in Michigan for a total of 350,021 to date. The state added 103 new deaths Saturday — including 70 that happened earlier but recently were verified through vital records and testing, according to the MDHHS — to reach 9,036.

The MDHHS no longer updates its figures on Sundays. Those numbers will be included in today’s report.

For Wisconsin counties in the region, that state’s COVID-19 data site this weekend listed 71 new confirmed positives in Marinette County, 24 in Vilas County, 10 in Iron County and five in Florence and Forest counties. Marinette County also had one new death.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services on Sunday had Marinette County with 2,951 confirmed cases, 245 probable cases and 28 deaths; Vilas County, 1,240 confirmed, 35 probable and 13 deaths; Forest County, 720 confirmed, 42 probable and 17 deaths, two probable; Iron County, 351 confirmed, 62 probable and 10 deaths, three probable; and Florence County, 311 confirmed, 17 probable and 11 deaths. As with the Michigan data, the state numbers are updated daily but can lag behind local reports or have other discrepancies.

Wisconsin had 5,033 new positives Saturday and 3,831 on Sunday for a total of 384,701 confirmed cases. The state added 18 deaths Saturday and 22 on Sunday to reach 3,285.

The Dickinson-Iron District Health Department has not updated its COVID-19 numbers since Wednesday, when it closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.

The DIDHD on Wednesday had Dickinson County at 1,545 confirmed positives and 90 probable cases, with 626 recovered, 36 deaths and 973 cases still active. Iron County has had 664 confirmed cases and 38 probables, with 434 recovered, 30 deaths and 238 cases still active, according to the DIDHD.


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