State shows new virus deaths in Dickinson County

The state Friday listed three more coronavirus-related deaths in Dickinson County than what local health officials had posted in their most recent update Wednesday.

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services’ COVID-19 data site Friday showed 39 confirmed virus deaths in Dickinson County, compared with the 36 the Dickinson-Iron District Health Department reported Wednesday on Facebook.

The state’s numbers could not be confirmed Friday, as the DIDHD was closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Across the Upper Peninsula, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services’ COVID-19 data site Friday showed 371 more confirmed positives since its last update Wednesday: 101 in Marquette County, 62 in Delta County, 45 in Menominee County, 38 in Baraga County, 37 in Dickinson County, 23 in Houghton County, 18 in Chippewa County, 15 in Gogebic County, 13 in Iron County, five in Mackinac County, four in Ontonagon and Schoolcraft counties, three in Luce County, two in Alger County and one in Keweenaw County. The state had seven new deaths in Dickinson County — its figures earlier in the week had not been as high as the DIDHD’s — along with three new deaths in Menominee County, two new in Baraga County and one new in Marquette County.

In total for the U.P., the MDHHS data site Friday had Keweenaw County at 56 confirmed cases and 11 probable, and one death; Luce County, 117 confirmed cases and 49 probable; Alger County, 148 confirmed, 74 probable and one death and one probable death; Schoolcraft County, 161 confirmed cases and 11 probable, one death and one probable; Mackinac County, 206 confirmed cases and 71 probable; Ontonagon County, 249 confirmed, 26 probable and 12 deaths, one probable; Chippewa County, 333 confirmed cases and 452 probable, and five deaths; Baraga County, 416 confirmed cases, 57 probable and 12 deaths; Gogebic County, 561 confirmed cases and 200 probable, 11 confirmed deaths and 12 probable deaths; Iron County, 674 confirmed cases and 36 probable, 29 confirmed deaths and four probable; Menominee County, 1,158 confirmed cases, 129 probable and 16 deaths; Houghton County, 1,241 confirmed cases, 258 probable, 11 confirmed deaths and two probable; Dickinson County, 1,585 confirmed cases and 90 probable, 39 confirmed deaths and five probable; Delta County, 2,165 confirmed cases and 239 probable, 48 confirmed deaths and 10 probable; and Marquette County, 2,507 confirmed cases, 298 probable and 29 deaths. State numbers are updated daily but can lag behind local reports or have other discrepancies.

Using only the state figures, the Upper Peninsula has had 11,577 confirmed COVID-19 cases to date and 215 deaths.

The MDHHS on Friday reported 17,162 confirmed new COVID-19 cases in Michigan since Wednesday for a total of 341,941 to date. The state added 172 new deaths Friday — including 108 that happened earlier but recently were verified through vital records and testing, according to the MDHHS — to reach 8,933.

For Wisconsin counties in the region, that state’s COVID-19 data site Friday listed 15 new confirmed positives in Marinette County, 14 in Vilas County and one in Florence County. The state had a new death in Vilas County as well.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services on Friday had Marinette County with 2,880 confirmed cases, 242 probable cases and 27 deaths; Vilas County, 1,216 confirmed, 30 probable and 13 deaths; Forest County, 715 confirmed, 42 probable and 17 deaths, two probable; Iron County, 341 confirmed, 64 probable and 10 deaths, three probable; and Florence County, 306 confirmed, 17 probable and 11 deaths. As with the Michigan data, the state numbers are updated daily but can lag behind local reports or have other discrepancies.

Wisconsin had 1,300 new positives Friday for a total of 375,837 confirmed cases. The state added 17 deaths Friday to reach 3,257.


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