Kingsford sets $4.16M budget for 2022-23 with lower millage rate

KINGSFORD — The Kingsford City Council has approved a 2022-23 general fund budget totaling $4.16 million.

Property owners will pay a city millage rate of 21.2 mills, or $21.20 per $1,000 of taxable value, compared with 21.6 mills the previous year.

The millage breaks down as 18 mills for general appropriations, which is no change; 2.2 mills for the Police and Fireman’s Retirement Fund, which is down by 0.3 mills; and 1 mill for the public works facility debt millage, which is down by 0.1 mills.

The city has an estimated fund balance of $3,175,000. Total anticipated revenues are estimated at $4,473,071, which includes $2,309,976 for real estate taxes and $120,340 for personal property taxes.

Federal grants are estimated at $259,000 and the city is expected to receive $25,000 from the U.S. Department of Agriculture toward a public safety vehicle.

Revenue sharing funds are budgeted at $649,689 and there is $375,000 budgeted for garbage collection fees. Equipment rental revenues are estimated at $128,000 for the general fund, $70,000 for local street fund, $80,000 for Act 51, $24,000 for the sewer fund and $35,000 for water fund. State department sales are budgeted at $65,000.

Expenditures include $2,039,921 budgeted for the public safety department and $283,300 for the public works department.

The city has budgeted $185,000 for sanitation, $140,600 for transfer and landfill costs and $97,000 for compost collection, $214,000 for parks and recreation, and $168,200 for the motor vehicle pool. There has been $60,000 budgeted for lights, and $75,845 for city hall and grounds.

The land sales, purchase and development fund has

$334,349 available for appropriation.

Major street fund has anticipated revenues of $545,500, bringing the total available to appropriate to $1,295,500. Revenues include $468,000 in state transportation funds, $36,000 for state trunkline maintenance funds and $40,000 for winter maintenance.

Anticipated expenditures are budgeted at $854,020 with $39,050 for construction, $182,250 for maintenance, $310,000 for maintenance paving, $207,225 for winter maintenance, $28,450 for traffic services, $16,250 for sidewalks, $23,060 for state trunkline maintenance, $46,275 for state trunkline winter maintenance.

The anticipated unreserved undesignated fund balance on June 30, 2023 is expected at $441,480.

The local street fund has $575,400 in total anticipated revenue available for appropriation. Expenditures include $170,700 for routine maintenance, $13,300 for sidewalks and $135,100 for winter maintenance.

The capital improvement fund has $763,746 available for appropriation from a $26,000 contribution from the general operating fund, $586,000 from general fund or American Rescue Plan Act Funds and $150,000 from the sewer fund balance. Expenditures include $52,000 for a new squad car, $230,000 for public works including $80,000 for a sidewalk machine, $60,000 for the Hamilton sewer project and $90,000 for storm sewer separation.

An anticipated $480,000 in American Rescue Plan funds will used for several projects. The city has budgeted $120,000 in ARP funds for Lodal Park playground and pickle-ball upgrades, $20,000 for Ford Park playground upgrades and $40,000 for Ford Park tennis court removal. Other projects using ARP funds include $120,000 for upgrading the street lights to LED and $180,000 for a new salt shed.

The city has total anticipated revenues of $1,037,000 in the sewer fund with $1,752,000 available including the fund balance. The water fund will have anticipated reserves of $1,438,764 on June 30, 2023, with total operating revenues of $1 million and total anticipated expenditures of $1,032,800.

In other business, the council:

— Agreed to declare an entry level vacancy in the public safety department and convene the civil service commission for an employment list.

— Agreed to pay Tech Solutions $48,980 for cameras at City Hall, the department of public works, Kingsford Public Safety and Lodal Park, contingent on receiving a grant for $24,490 to cover a portion of the cost.

— Agreed to an easement for We Energies to install electricity at the pavilion at Menominee River Park.

— Approved a charity game license for the centennial committee so they can conduct raffles if needed.

— Approved a $600 donation to the Sons of the American Legion toward the community fireworks display.

Marguerite Lanthier can be reached at 906-774-3500, ext. 242, or mlanthier@ironmountaindailynews.com.


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