BTS honors couple for giving $100K to music department

JERRY AND KATHY NOVICKIS recently were honored for donating a total of $100,000 over three years from the Temple-Novickis Family Foundation to the music department at Breitung Township Schools. From left are Kingsford High School Principal David Lindbeck, band instructor Marc Rose, band instructor Jacob Barnby, Jerry Novickis, Kathy Novickis, vocal music instructor Curt Rogan and Kingsford Middle School Principal Jessica Garvaglia. (Submitted photo)

KINGSFORD — The Breitung Township Schools District has recognized Jerry and Kathy Novickis for their donations from the Temple-Novickis Family Foundation.

Over the past three years they have given a total of $100,000 to the Breitung Township Schools music department to be used directly to benefit students.

As a result, Breitung Township schools has been able to purchase several new instruments, send students to state-level competitions, improve the quality of the marching band uniforms, eliminate student fees for incidental supplies, buy participation T-shirts, enhance the music awards program, purchase digital marching band software to assist with field drill performances, acquire drum major stands and improve storage for instruments within the classroom.

A former Breitung Township Schools student, Kathy Novickis said the music program was important to her as a child. She was inspired to assist others in their musical endeavors.She also volunteers with the Breitung Township Schools School Success Program, which supports needy students and their families, and the couple provide an annual scholarship for Breitung Township Schools students.

“Kathy and Jerry are such kind, personable and supportive people,” Superintendent David Holmes said. “We’ve been fortunate to get to know them as individuals and enjoyed learning about their experiences, which have led them to provide this generous donation.”


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