Florence County seeks to fill vacant board seats

FLORENCE, Wis. — Florence County will have to advertise to fill two vacant seats on the county board after those receiving write-in votes in the April 2 election declined the positions.

The county will ask potential supervisors submit a letter of interest. The county board will then consider the applicants and hopefully fill the vacancies at next board meeting May 21, County Clerk Donna Trudell said.

The Florence County Board experienced unusually high turnover this year, with incumbents Edwin Kelley, Rich Wolosyn, Susan Theer, Gary Steber and Jason Neuens deciding not to seek re-election. In addition, Jeanette Bomberg — who was board chair at the time — lost to Tom Brandt in District 9 on a vote of 43 to 96.

Other than Bomberg in District 9, no other board seat was contested and Districts 3, 4 and 8 had no candidates file to be on the ballot.

Chase Erickson did see some write-ins challenges on election day but still won in District 12. Dwaine Drewa was selected for District 5. Henry Sullivan took the District 4 seat with three write-in votes.

But districts 3 and 8 remain without a supervisor. District 3 covers the town of Commonwealth and part of Aurora and District 8 is within the town of Florence.

Trudell said the turnover was due to incumbents wanting to retire or step away for other personal reasons.

Finding someone willing to be a county board supervisor is not always easy, she explained.

“It is a lot of work,” Trudell said. “You have to be ready to volunteer a lot of time, because we do publish their names and telephone numbers and then it is continuous calling — people wanting to get roads fixed and lower taxes, stuff like that.”

In addition to serving on the board, each supervisor also can be assigned to up to 10 committees that may meet monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. Sometimes there are additional special meetings.

For their efforts, supervisors are paid $40 per meeting they attend, plus an extra $20 for attending two or more meetings in one day. They receive mileage reimbursement as well.

Anyone interested in serving as a Florence County supervisor can contact Trudell with questions at 715-528-3201 or dtrudell@florencecountywi.gov. The person considered must live in the district that has the vacancy.

Jim Paul can be reached at 906-774-2772, ext. 229, or jpaul@ironmountaindailynews.com.


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