The School District of Niagara awards scholarships

NIAGARA, Wis. — Niagara High School seniors were awarded the following scholarships:

American Legion Good Citizen — Annika Sweig;

Anne Marie Ponzio — Emily Kay;

Bert and Beverly St. Arnauld Memorial — Emma Brasure;

Butterfield Family — Emily Kay;

Carol Cretton Skowronski — Marian Walenski;

Chad Abel — Christian Hedmark;

Class of 1961 — Emma Broullire;

Class of 1982 — Emma Broullire;

Class of 1982 — Emily Kay;

Class of 1986 (Sundquist Family) — Emma Broullire;

Class of 1991 — Annika Sweig;

Clifford & Olive Murray Memorial — Aiva Champeau;

Commodore Hendricks Memorial — Marian Walenski;

Darlene & Clyde Leonard Sr. Memorial — Zachary Schroeder;

David Liebergen Memorial — Aiva Champeau;

Deane Systems — Emma Broullire;

Donald & Marjorie Greene Memorial — Aiva Champeau;

Doris LaLiberte Teaching — Emma Brasure;

Douglas Payette Memorial — Aiva Champeau;

Elizabeth “Betty” Kinsella Memorial — Marian Walenski;

Forward Financial Credit Union — Mea Anderson;

Forward Financial Credit Union — Aiva Champeau;

Forward Financial Credit Union — Marian Walenski;

Forward Financial Credit Union-Badger Boy — Nathaniel Olsen;

Forward Financial Credit Union-Badger Girl — Emma Brasure;

Fred Rouse — Zachary Schroeder;

Fred Rouse — Annika Sweig;

George & Louise Hohol — Emma Broullire;

James Moreau — Christian Hedmark;

Jim Merritt Memorial — Emma Brasure;

Joel Ruechel — Mea Anderson;

Kay Coppens Memorial — Mea Anderson;

Kay Coppens Memorial — Avia Champeau;

Levi & Stan Neargarth Memorial — Marian Walenski;

Nancy Morin Memorial — Emma Brasure;

Nancy Morin Memorial — Annika Sweig;

Niagara Area Business Association — Annika Sweig;

Niagara Area Medical Society — Emma Brasure;

Niagara Area Medical Society — Aiva Champeau;

Niagara Area Medical Society — Emily Kay;

Niagara Area Foundation — Annika Sweig;

Niagara Area Foundation — Mea Anderson;

Niagara Area Foundation — Emma Brasure;

Niagara Area Scholarship Foundation — Aiva Champeau;

Niagara Area Scholarship-Foundation — Zachary Schroeder;

Niagara Area Scholarship-Foundation — Annika Sweig;

Niagara Area Scholarship-Foundation — Marian Walenski;

Niagara Area Scholarship-Foundation – Kerry Grippen Memorial — Emma Broullire;

Niagara Area Scholarship-Foundation – Kerry Grippen Memorial — Christian Hedmark;

Niagara Area Scholarship-Foundation – Mary Jane Nelson — Marian Walenski;

Niagara Athletic Booster Club — Emma Brasure;

Niagara Athletic Booster Club — Christian Hedmark;

Niagara Faculty & Staff — Emily Kay;

Niagara Lions Club-Dwayne & Joyce Smith Memorial — Marian Walenski;

Niagara Lions Club-Kerry Grippen Memorial — Aiva Champeau;

Niagara Lions Club-Roy Eggen Memorial — Annika Sweig;

Niagara Lions Club-Russel & Carol Sauld Memorial — Emma Brasure;

Niagara PTO — Emma Brasure;

Niagara PTO — Zachary Schroeder;

Niagara Teachers Union — Zachary Schroeder;

Niagara Women’s Civic Club — Zachary Schroeder;

Niagara Women’s Civic Club — Annika Sweig;

Norman Nabbefeld — Christian Hedmark;

Ray & Betty Bourassa Memorial — Mea Anderson;

Ray & Betty Bourassa Memorial — Emma Broullire;

Richard “Dick” Brown Memorial — Aiva Champeau;

Robert and Judy Gunville — Emma Brasure;

Sam Welcher Memorial — Mea Anderson;

Shawn C. Connis — Marian Walenski;

Sherman Bratton Memorial — Christian Hedmark;

Sherman Bratton Memorial — Annika Sweig;

Student Council — Zachary Schroeder;

Student Council — Annika Sweig;

VFW & Ladies Auxiliary Post 7931 — Marian Walenski;

Vickie Leathers Paupore — Zachary Schroeder.


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