Kingsford tax levy dips, utility increase eyed

KINGSFORD — Residents in the city of Kingsford will see a slight drop in the millage rate for the next fiscal year.

The levy this year will total 20.7 mills, or $20.70 per $1,000 of taxable value, down from 20.8 mills in 2023 and 21.2 mills in 2022.

The operating levy remains at 18 mills and the police and fire pension levy will remain at 2 mills. The public works levy, approved in 1997 for general obligation bonds for the construction of the new public works building, will drop 0.1 mills.

The city expects to collect an estimated $2,782,395 in property taxes.

Although the city’s tax levy will drop slightly, utility rates are expected to be higher as it undertakes sewer and water replacement projects. The sewer and water rates remain under consideration, along with the effective date of any increases.

The first project, in the Heights, is underway. Next year the city plans to start a second project in the Heights/Ford Addition.

As for the general fund, there is a total of $7,994,845 available for appropriation, with $5,048,295 anticipated revenues and an estimated fund balance of $2,946,550. Last year the city budgeted $4,473,071 for revenues.

The city has budgeted $4,759,037 for expenditures for 2024-25. This would provide a fund balance of $3,253,808 in June 2025. The city budgeted $4,161,322 for expenditures last year.

Some other budget highlights:

— The Major Street Fund balance is expected to drop from $1,283,825 to $1,001,404 at the end of 2025. The Major Street Fund anticipates revenues of $588,834 with expected expenditures of $571,255 and a transfer of funds to the local street fund budgeted at $300,000.

— The Local Street Fund has expenditures budgeted at $693,250 and revenues of $648,000. The city estimates the fund balance to drop from $530,006 to $484,756.

— The Department Of Public Works Facility Fund has $189,540 available for appropriation and expenditures of $154,174.

— In the Capital Improvements Fund there is $123,500 in the public safety budget for new squad cars and a men’s rest room renovation. — The public works department has budgeted $100,000 for alley paving and $28,000 for a new public works department vehicle.

The budget goes into effect on July 1.


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