Richard William Chaffee

Richard William Chaffee

Richard William Chaffee – Sept. 18, 1961 to April 4, 2021

IRON MOUNTAIN — Rich. T-Bone. Dad. Padre. Pops. Papaw. He was a man of many names and talents. He was a true friend, a loyal husband, the greatest dad his kids could ask for, and one heck of a silly Papaw.

Rich was born to Eva and Clyde in Claire, Mich., was raised in Harrison, Mich., and built a life for himself and his family in Iron Mountain.

He loved fishing, even when all he caught was a sunburn on the bald spot through the back of his hat. He loved hunting, especially whitetail, pheasant, and turkeys. Any time spent in the woods was considered a good hunt, even when he didn’t see anything. He was an avid hoarder with a collection of things he “might need later” in the garage, and an eternal optimist when it came to project vehicles that everyone else knew would never get done. He loved to shoot the breeze over a cup of coffee, never missed an opportunity to make a dad joke, and always had the best advice just when it was needed. He will be extremely missed, but his friends and family find small solace in knowing that Rich finally roams the woods with Sasquatch.

Rich is survived by this wife, Chris; his children, Marissa (Jon), CeJai (Steven), Danielle (Nathan), Kindra (Cody), Ricky (Mariah), and Hope; his grandchildren, Jordan, Alicia, Mackenzie, Vance, Lacie, Oliver, and Escanor, with two more on the way; his sister, Judy Sexton; his brother, David Boring (Cassie); his second father, David Boring Sr. (Marci); his nephew, Chad; nieces, Faith and Allana; sisters-in-law, Karen Davis, Liza Heidtman and Michaelene Koelsch; lifetime friend, Don Lidbeck; and his favorite cousins, Jimmy and Jeff Presley, and Al Sexton.

There will be a private celebration of life for family and close friends on Saturday, May 29, 2021.