DICSA serves seniors across the county


It has come to my attention that there is inaccurate information about the services provided by the Dickinson-Iron Community Services Agency that are paid for with Dickinson County millage dollars. DICSA uses county millage funds to provide services throughout all of Dickinson County, including the City of Norway, Norway Township and Waucedah Township.

Specifically, data from 2017 shows that DICSA delivered 9,931 meals to 26 residents of Norway and 11 residents of Vulcan; they provided in-home care — cleaning, cooking, laundry, personal care, respite, etc. — to seven residents of Norway; cared for three individuals from Norway at their adult day care, Family Ties Adult Center; and they provided numerous rides on their Buzzin’ Around Town transportation bus (individual ride data is not tracked).

DICSA serves eligible residents throughout the whole county with senior millage dollars.