Candidate ending write-in bid for Marinette sheriff


My name is Fred Popp and I ran for Marinette County sheriff in this past Republican primary. I cannot say thank you enough for all the support and help I received during this election. As you are aware, I lost the primary and since then took some time for myself and family to do some reflecting.

I have given it a lot of time for consideration to do a write-in campaign. A lot of supporters have encouraged me to do so. Although I am not actively campaigning, I am registered as a write-in candidate. If you so choose to write me in as your candidate, that is your right to do so in a democracy that we live in.

That being said, after several weeks in deliberation, prayer and consultation, I believe it is in the best interest of Marinette County for me to honor the results of the primary and for us as a county to support the office of sheriff in moving forward.

Beginning this week, I will be picking up the campaign signs and hope to have this completed within the next two weeks. If there is anyone out there who still has signs that would like to turn them in back into me, I encourage you to notify me by email, listing your address, and I will get those picked up as well. Thank you to everyone who requested or allowed me to place a sign on your property. Your support was encouraging.

To my supporters, again I cannot say thank you enough for your time and faith in me. I enjoyed the many conversations and time spent with all of you along this journey. You were more inspiring to me than you will ever know.

To my campaign staff and friends, you are the best people in the world and I am forever in your debt. You worked harder than anyone I know and I will always appreciate your honesty, integrity and support.

To my wife, Melissa, thank you. You continued to believe in me and always showed me you had faith in me no matter what the end results. You were my rock and I cannot express enough gratitude to you for that.

Sheriff Sauve and I have spoken since the election and I will continue to share my ideas with him when given the opportunity to do so and as he sees fit. I believe we are both hopeful in moving ahead and healing the rifts left behind.

I continue to look forward serving this community as your deputy, friend and someone you trust. If God willing, I will be asking for your support again in four years. Until then, stay true my friends and God bless.


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