The season of giving to charity


This time of year many of us give to a charity. If you are wondering which charity you should give your money to, I urge you to go to They have an impressive list of national and international charities with a breakdown of how they will spend your money. Great pie charts break down the amount that goes to the people directly and how much goes into overhead and administrative costs. Who doesn’t like a pie chart?

I’m sure you will be able to find a charity that matches your values.

If you want to give more locally, I suggest you go to one of the many schools in our area and pay down a child’s lunch bill. Districts in both Wisconsin and Michigan have programs for children who qualify for free or reduced lunches. However, there are always those families that fall through the cracks or are just over the amount of income to qualify. Ask the school secretary (she really runs the school) and the person in charge of the lunch program to apply your donation to a family that is struggling to pay their lunch bill. They will know what family is in need.

The Wise Men brought gold, frankincense and myrrh, while the Wise Woman might have brought diapers, pre-made meals and a certificate for free babysitting.

The meaning of the season is one of giving to others and the spreading of joy.

Happy holidays and merry Christmas.