A different take on the calls

EDITOR: There was nothing controversial about the two mistakes made in the final seconds of the championship game between Iron Mountain and Pewamo-Westphalia.

When you catch the ball with both feet planted, because the ball sets you back, coming at you so fast, you cannot go anywhere without bouncing the ball first, even if it was only 1.5 steps to the basket. You can pivot as long as one foot does not move, but that is it. Those are the rules — even if the fans who know nothing about basketball or the rules do not know that.

Also, in regard to a ref’s whistle should never decide the outcome — that is exactly why he is there.

You also do not foul anyone when you are ahead in points. That’s what you do when you are behind. So, there’s your two mistakes.

You also do not call two timeouts when the opposing team is going to the free throw line; then he can rest up and calm down first. That is what the other coach should have done.