Little sense on road spending

Our new governor wants to raise our fuel taxes again. Taxes and plate fees were just raised, but the problem is what we pay at the pump goes for a lot of other things. What we pay at the pump should be for roads only. Our legislature needs to fix that.

We also need a change in most leadership, to get some common sense. It doesn’t make sense to take out a $100 stop sign or a $5,000 stop light and spend millions for a roundabout. Millions were spent on the north and south junctions and still no on or off ramps, instead of every car and truck having to go to the light and then turn. The Michigan Department of Transportation doesn’t know how to do ramps.

On M-23 near Ann Arbor, a third lane was added on each intersection for lots of miles and then big red signs over them to not use those lanes. Millions of dollars are wasted and we can’t get our county roads fixed.

How do we fix stupid?