Not making America great

Some presidents have been brilliant politicians. Some have been towering statesmen. Some have been both. The person currently occupying the White House is neither. He has used his office and the power entrusted to him to enrich himself and his friends. He fears the “other.” Women are other; poor people are other; Jews, Muslims, Africans, Mexicans and anyone else of color is “other.” They are all scapegoats, targets for his blatant demagoguery. He is a bully who only punches down. Because he lies so much, no nation will treat with him, and we are shamed before the world.

His defenders respond by saying that the stock market is doing great. Of course it is. We allowed a trillion dollars in tax cuts for multi-jillionaires and they used the money to buy stock in their own companies. Of course the market is up. So is the budget deficit. So are prices, and they’ll rise even more due to those silly tariffs. The fabulous market has not improved wages for working people, though prices for goods and services are rising, and manufacturing and retail businesses are shutting down. The market is great. Yay for us. The rich get richer.