Trump shames himself and all

I was absolutely stunned to read several of President Trump’s tweets over the last week in which he degraded Sen. John McCain for not voting Trump’s way on several recent bills in Congress. He also accused McCain of a lie that everybody knows he did not say. But, then, this isn’t the first time Trump himself lies, is it? Is Mexico still going to pay for the border wall?

Trump also said, “I am not a fan of Senator McCain and I never will be.” I couldn’t believe this remark.

By the way, Sen. McCain was laid to rest six months ago. Isn’t that just like Trump to attack somebody who cannot defend themselves.

It is shocking to hear Trump, a non-veteran, denigrate a great war hero. Does he remember Sen. McCain was a POW for five years during the Vietnam War, he was tortured and beaten to the extent that he came home with injuries that could not be repaired, and, when given the chance to return to America before the war ended, he refused to leave without his fellow POWs?

How any veteran could ever again vote for Trump is beyond understanding. How could any American choose Trump in the next presidential election?

I have been shocked more than a few times over the past three years at our president’s excuses for his actions and the language he uses in news conferences. Maybe these matters are of minor importance, but they really aren’t, because they show the character of the speaker. Trump has no understanding of the presidency, no dignity, and no moral compass.

I had a good laugh recently when he was photographed autographing Bibles for church survivors of a terrorist attack.

But I go back to Senator McCain. How did his widow feel about what was said of her late husband? How did his children feel? How did most Republicans feel? How did veterans feel?

I am sorry for every American who stands embarrassed before the world for their low-class president.