Trump should respect all vets

Are the veteran organizations becoming extensions of Trump for money? I ask that question because of this president’s unwillingness to respect and honor veterans he does not like. If a president does not like or disapproves of a veteran’s beliefs, that is a personal matter that needs to be kept private. When he makes a public statement by whatever medium, it becomes a statement from the office. Mr. Trump has made several highly disrespectful and false statements toward fallen heroes, including highly disrespectful and hurtful statements of a fallen hero during the campaign, and most recently about John McCain.

We have two holidays that honor our living and deceased veterans and, by extension, our active-duty personnel. For the president, many Republicans, and veterans groups, it is conditional on factors of the day of the year, and beliefs. By not defending the honor and respect for service and sacrifice loudly and with absolute clarity so the general public clearly hears, these groups become a voice of silent approval of Mr. Trump and what I believe is disrespect to the office of president of the United States and this country as a whole.

President Eisenhower warned the nation many years ago of the threat of greed from the military-industrial complex. I believe it is here with a president who I believe is corrupt.