Let’s graduate from fourth grade

EDITOR: Before I launch off on the latest bee in my bonnet, I do want to make remark on what I have just typed. It implies we still have an editor and we still have a newspaper, which of course we do. But how many realize what a treasure that is?

Newspapers have shrunk, merged and many just have gone out of business. And what a jewel of Americanism a newspaper is. You need not believe me. Just pass by another jewel of Americanism, the public library, and check out a book — yes, a real actual, hold-in-your-hands book — and read about Benjamin Franklin, one of the group of people who set this country and the idea behind it in motion. Among other things, Mr. Franklin was a newspaper man. If you are reading this, treasure it. Buy it. Read it. And do what I am doing and have been doing: Contribute.

Many of you know what I think. But what do you think, fellow citizen? I want to know. I do not require that we agree, in fact if that were the case we would have little to discuss. Just keep it adult.

Ah ha — see how I have espoused an Americanism and used that to slide into the reason for this message. Pretty good, if I do say so. The message for today is not for everyone but for far too many of us. Please, would you finally graduate from fourth grade and put the little kid name-calling and childish one-up-on-you business in the grade school basket where it belongs. For once, I do not need to go on and on. I need only ask that you turn on your television, read this paper, or listen to folks out and about.

If you must bandy about a term, at least first look it up and find out what you are about to say — socialist, now there is a good one — and pick a day when you have a bit of time. Look it up and see what it entails. Look up socialism and social Democrat as well. To my way of thinking of America, I won’t be going that direction.

Communist? The only true communists I have even seen were Catholic nuns. Everything you have or produce goes in and you get out only what you need.

But to my point, socialism and communism are not the same. Look it up. Think about it.

Most importantly, look up capitalism. Now doesn’t that ring a bell? Instead of throwing that out and looking for a new method of messing things up, why not just improve upon the system we have with the tools we have always had? Someone starts a business. It is either a good idea or not and the cash drawer will be the final arbitrator. Simple and effective.

Now, look up society. Those of you with proper cranial function and a background of living in this country can see where I am going. Or not.

In either case, it is time for you to throw in your views. I am not finished sharing mine and will continue to do so. I just want to read more of these letters with more and different names beneath them.

Finally, do not revert to fourth grade and name-calling. Please. We have that pouring out of our nation’s Capitol and we surely need no more of that. It sure is not making the roads better. Or your wages higher. Or anything much of value right now.

That is what I think. What do you think? That was not a rhetorical question.


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