Sad to see many closed businesses in IM area

As my husband and I traveled through the Iron Mountain area over the weekend, it is such a shock to see how many businesses have shut their doors. There is nothing here anymore to keep people in the area. What are these poor people doing for work? I say, pack up and get the heck out of this town and go where there is something for work, making a living, seeing and for shopping. The Kmart, JCPenney’s, Arby’s, Burger King in Iron Mountain, now Shopko — all gone. What choice does a person have? Walmart. Big deal.

Quite a few of our friends have left the area in the past few years, moving to Green Bay and Marinette where there are real places to shop. I have heard the hospital is in bad shape as well. I know I would go to a Green Bay hospital if I had the choice.

Come on, people of Iron Mountain, do something to help the people that live in the area.


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