Staying silent equals support

Does being a member of a political party or religious organization take away your need to oppose their actions and beliefs you find immoral or corrupt? If the answer is yes, then you are a part of that corruption or immorality.

It seems to me that the country has progressed because individuals have followed their own individual sense of fairness, honesty and respect for the dignity of each individual person. These things dictated their rhetoric and their actions. Silence and avoidance would have supported corruption and immorality. Slavery; gender, racial and religious discrimination; animal cruelty; and child abuse — all were areas that were tolerated in this country by silence or avoidance until individuals stood up against the policies and corruption supporting these behaviors and actions.

It seems to me in the age of Trump many Republicans have, in fact, chosen silence or avoidance on issues such as the destruction of the lives of children and families on our southern border, corruption in multiple Trump-appointed departments, and the enrichment of the president using government resources. Some would argue the environment should be included.

I applaud those Republicans and evangelical church members who have the courage to stand up in their rhetoric and actions for their own individual sense of honesty, morality, fair play and human caring.