County needs to help fund repairs at senior center

I am a user of the senior citizens center at Crystal Lake in Iron Mountain. There are hundreds of seniors who use the center daily, for pinocle, smear, cribbage, poker, mahjong, quilting, crocheting, knitting, woodcarving, pool, monthly dancing and other social activities. I am extremely disappointed with the county commissioners, who seem to be avoiding getting the lift station, and they continue to let this problem linger.

The lift station is badly needed to prevent sewer backup so that the Dickinson Iron Community Service Agency kitchen can continue the Meals on Wheels program for our elderly and offer lunches and monthly dinners for our seniors. It appears that the commissioners would like the senior center and the DICSA program to pay for the lift station, without including the Northern Lights YMCA, who also uses this sewer pipe, in this cost-sharing.

Some commissioners seem to place a lower priority on their senior citizens than they do on the rest of the voters. Kudos to Commissioners Kevin Pirlot and John Degenaer Jr. for attempting to get the funding process moving, by using the community stabilization funds.

This proposal evidently was defeated by a 3-2 vote. It is time for the rest of you commissioners to stand up for, and support, your friends and neighbors who are senior citizens. They have supported you for many, many years.

Let’s get this lift station funded, and treat our seniors the way they deserve to be treated!