GOP complicit in Trump actions

Is the Republican Party corrupting the rule of law?

I ask this question because it seems central to the decisions of Attorney General Barr, the actions of President Trump and inaction of the Republican Party.

Looking at the actions of the attorney general, it appears he is following the requests of the president to investigate members of his own department who obtained legitimate actions vetted by the career people in the department and approved by the federal courts. Actions approved both by vetting by the department and the federal court system made these investigations legitimate law enforcement actions. Barr’s investigations seem to me like the actions I would expect from a corrupt administration and directly or indirectly encouraged by a corrupt party.

I also believe that there is grounds to investigate the president for serious federal law violations, as noted in the Mueller report, noted by 750 career prosecutors, the president’s own behavior, and others who actually read the investigation reports so far. I further believe the idea that not working with both Congressional parties to pass laws and fund programs for the benefit of the American people is clear dereliction of duty that the Republican Senate is complicit in. The president’s enriching himself and his family via using his properties to do government business is a violation of the Constitution, with Republican complicity.


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