Many questions after Trump rally in Green Bay

This past Saturday, at a rally in Green Bay, Wis., the President of the United States said babies are being delivered, found to be healthy and then wrapped in blankets and put into a bed. At that point, the mother and her doctor who delivered the child then sit down and discuss whether or not to execute the child. This is what the president said. It is on video. Was the video modified? This seems to be the first question. Perhaps someone in the media who covered the event can attest to whether or not this statement was made.

If it was made, where did this happen? How often does it happen? Why is it allowed to happen? After a lifetime in law enforcement and then corrections, I can with fair amount of sureness believe this would be first-degree murder. What is the location and jurisdiction of the court and what were the results of the trials? Why has the media not reported these cases? You would think that such a first-degree murder would result in some part of the media at least mentioning it. Why is the media hiding these egregious events?

Further, if the president knows of these incidents — as he himself claimed in public and on national media — is nothing being done to stop it?

We do not need a new law for this sort of thing; we just need a couple of officers with a couple pairs of handcuffs for both the mother and doctor. Why is the American Medical Society allowing this practice? If the president knows of these occurrences, then surely the AMA has at least heard of it. Why did the AMA not investigate? Why did the federal government not investigate and bring these murderers to justice? Why did the various state law enforcement people fail to act once the president made this known to them? I believe these are important questions.

I certainly do not want to see a physician that can calmly deliver a child that then has a discussion about whether or not to murder the child. Will old people be next? Now I am becoming frightened.

If you do not have investigative reporters, surely you are on a network that does. Will you please shed some light on this practice of murdering living children, wrapped in blankets and sleeping in their beds after they have been born.

Finally, is this a practice our local physicians use as part of their obstetric practice? I should be very interested in your answers.

I believe I and others will be looking for more than a person of the president’s party saying, “We know it happens.” Law enforcement and court proceedings are documented and public record. Actual details will be the only solution to my questions.