Employers need to change testing for marijuana

With the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in Michigan, I feel that employers must address this matter in a way that is fair for employees. You cannot deny that cannabis is now legal, so let’s stop controlling what employees do after they leave work for the day, by having all employers remove cannabis from their random/prescreen test.

I know what you are thinking, “What about the jobs that have heavy machinery?” My response is nothing stops employees from going home every night, drinking a six pack or more, going to work the next day hung over — but hey, it’s OK to do that, apparently.

I just read an article about Colorado and since legalization, the workplace deaths have drastically gone down year to year. Perhaps it’s because employers who embrace the employees’ “after hours” freedom allow them to partake in something that is proven to be way less harmful than alcohol.

Workers should not drink during work — what makes you think they would smoke? You can get fired being drunk on the job, same with being stoned — that policy I agree with, but please do not infringe on the rights of your employees when they are at home, after work.

Just because cannabis stays in someone’s system longer does not give you the right to treat your employees as a criminal. Change your work policies — do it for the people who voted to legalize.


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