Behaving like an American

I am an American. I do not disrespect others, nor do I denigrate them because of their appearance, their national heritage, their race or the religion they follow. I do not disrespect or denigrate those with no religion as well. I do not idolize you because of your wealth, nor do I look down on you because of your poverty. I will help you when you fall and I will feed you when you are hungry. I will never disparage you because of a disability or a failing in business or otherwise.

I will not, and did not, teach my children to look down on another because they are different. I will not, and did not, teach them to hate.

I will serve country. I think, I do research and then I vote for people whom I believe are fit to manage the business of our state and our country. I respect our Constitution and our laws. In all honesty, I cannot say I do no harm to others, but when I did, it was as a member of the United States military. I am a 100% disabled veteran, one of the 1 percent who stepped up to defend and protect the 99% that, for their own reasons, could not or would not step up.

Now I mentioned our laws and our laws prohibit many of the things we see being done today, from the White House on down. I do not live as I do because the law requires me to do so. I live the way I do because my parents, my grandparents and some of my great-grandparents who lived long enough taught me the things that guided me. Beyond them, other decent adults in the community, teachers in school and clergy taught me.

On top of that, I am more than an American. I am a human being and I have common sense. There are things you know — yes, inside, you know them. You may silence the voice within you for some immediate goal but in the end, you know you have done wrong in acting against that voice that some call conscience.

And while that does not make you less human, it just might make you a lot less an American.