Evangelicals on wrong side in treatment of immigrants

Do the Republican Party and evangelicals support child abuse and neglect?

In the past prior to Trump, this would have been a crazy question with a clear answer of no. In the Trump White House and Republican Senate and for a large majority of evangelicals, the answer now is yes, in my opinion.

I say that because of the use of the children and refuge families as political tools to get their political goals. When the European immigrants came over, 2% were rejected almost exclusively for medical reasons. Ellis Island admitted 5,000 per day, and the country grew. We cared about what was on the Statue of Liberty.

Now that we appear not to care, it appears that racism and fear mongering on our southern border have become an instrument of family destruction, death for children in our custody, confinement of child whose only action was to try to find safety and a gold mine for trafficking “coyotes.”

It is interesting to note that the vast majority of these people are Hispanic. This use of unspoken and legal racial marginalizing and white male power allowed slavery to exist, women to be devalued, Jewish people to be killed, gays to be denied basic rights and Native American cultures to be destroyed. We also have abused and neglected Native American children and families, along with African families and children along the way.


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