Hear the other cries for help

Why are so many Americans outraged about the illegal immigration on the Mexican border? Why are they so concerned about saving the children and the effect it will have on the United States?

Is it because we see all of them on TV, and it is heartbreaking?

But wait. We have an even more serious problem to be outraged about. Our country has women and doctors killing unborn babies in the womb. Why do we not see this on TV, so we can be outraged about our own American unborn being aborted and thrown into garbage cans?

Don’t they have a right to be American citizens and contribute to the success of our country?

Where are our priorities? Abortion is also a situation that needs our country to stand up and be heard.

Our federal government is giving Planned Parenthood millions of dollars. This is an agency that destroys our unborn citizens and their rights to be a part of this great nation.

Does no one hear just one unborn baby crying out in pain, asking us to save it from being destroyed and thrown away in a dumpster?

This country cannot solve everyone’s problems, but we can speak for the unwanted children in our country. Where is the outcry? Do you not feel the pain in their little bodies as they are being denied life in our country?

Why are illegal children on the border more important than our aborted babies? Where is the cry for compassion and mercy for our unborn who need a loving home to grow up in and to be educated so they can contribute to our society?

Why are our unborn babies being denied their right to life? Families want to adopt them and love them as their own. Why does no one hear our babies scream for help? They are precious souls created by God to be loved, not thrown away.

Is abortion not a crime? If you have the right to kill a baby in the womb, will you then have a right to deny me life because I am old?

Do you think because I am a senior citizen that my life has no meaning, that I don’t make a difference?

We all have value in this life. We all contribute to this society. We are proud of our country and its people. Do not let others steal our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Be open not only to immigrants, but to our unborn babies as well. We must open our minds and hearts to those who depend on us to save them. We need leadership, and pray that our government is hearing our screams for help to save our precious country. We are unique. Don’t throw America in the dumpster.

Be careful who you judge to be no longer of value to life, but what we can still accomplish in our life. God bless us all with wisdom and common sense before it is too late. God bless America.


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