Life must be protected

Finding common ground in the abortion debate is simple — life comes first, not death.

My favorite question to those who fight for any kind of abortion is, what would you think or feel if your mother had aborted you? It doesn’t make any difference because you wouldn’t be here to make a difference in this beautiful world of ours.

Abortion doesn’t solve a problem, it creates a new problem. Did that thought ever cross your mind?

Many women and girls never recover from the guilt of what they did. They become depressed and wonder later on, “What have I done? Was my baby a boy or a girl? What name would I have chosen? If I can’t keep my baby, maybe someone else would have loved my little one.” The baby would be ever so grateful if you would do this.

Living in Milwaukee for a couple years, I worked at Catholic Social Services. The agency dealt with unwed mothers who were placed in special homes until they gave birth to their baby and then blessed an adoptive couple with this little bundle of joy.

New parents left the agency with a smile on their face and love in their arms. God is good.

If you want a dose of realism, see the movie or read the book “Unplanned.” Do not put one more unborn child through the pain of dismemberment. God forbid any of us should die in this way. There are screams inside the womb, but we do not hear them.

Since reading the letter to the editor in Monday’s Daily News, my Catholic faith has been screaming in pain. Nothing in that article will change my mind.

I am proud to be a Catholic. My church and my God tell me to choose life. I am a member of St. Mary and St. Joseph Catholic Church.

All life is precious. I feel mine is and always will be, as is yours.

Thank you for reading this.