Weather Channel misses UP as well

In the editorial from the Marquette Mining Journal, it is sad that Mountain Dew has included the U.P. with Wisconsin. However, there is another national entity that needs correction regarding the U.P. The people behind these companies are supposed to be educated and more likely than not each one has gone to college. This makes me wonder of the education being taught in today’s schools. The Weather Channel needs some geography lessons, too.

It is not uncommon for me to have the Weather Channel on for an hour or more each morning. Except for an occasional mention of the extreme cold or snow in winter in Marquette, they rarely ever mention the U.P. In fact, most often the U.P., along with northern Wisconsin and Minnesota, are cut off their maps. It is also very common for the U.P., when it is on the maps displayed, to be entirely covered with a banner. It makes me wonder if they do not consider this part of the country to even be in the United States.

A couple of weeks ago, if any of you were watching, there was a brief mention about Duluth, Minn. We all know our geography of the Great Lakes here, but the Weather Channel sure doesn’t. They said in their spot that Duluth was on Lake Michigan! Just to be sure that there is not a small town named Duluth, I looked at a Wisconsin map and there was no Duluth on Lake Michigan in Wisconsin listed.

We are all U.P. proud and I must wonder if these slights keep us out of the limelight and help us remain the beautiful God’s country that we are.