When they were young

Guest column

When they were young, their whole bright world, life and future was ahead of them.

When they were young, for many, girlfriends, marriage, children and grandchildren were yet to be experienced.

When they were young, they attended family gatherings, weddings, parties with friends and various other events.

When they were young, they answered the country’s call to protect our way of life.

When they were young, they charged the beaches, fought in the jungles and deserts, in the air, on the high seas and experienced the horrors of war.

When they were young, hundreds of thousands had fallen in battles throughout the world, their lives forever young, frozen in the memories of family and friends.

When they were young, they were laid to rest on hallowed ground both at home and in distant lands.

When they were young, millions returned home, wounded and broken.

When they were young, those that survived continued on with their lives, but bore the scars of wounds, exposed or internally, for the remainder of their lives.

When they were young, their ultimate sacrifice was for the continuation of our way of life and the freedoms that we have today. So, as we will celebrate our Independence Day, please make the time for a moment of prayer, reflection and thanks for those who gave “When They Were Young.”

Daniel J. Paul is a retired school administrator. His articles focus on education, old-fashioned family values, relationships and other topics. His website is at meaningfuldifferences.net.