Can’t change what God laid out in DNA


This past March, the suspect in a double murder from 1976 was identified through scientific analysis of DNA left at the crime scene. Results of the analysis of the DNA indicated the suspect was a male who had ancestry from northern Europe, had fair to very fair skin, blue eyes, reddish-brown hair and freckles. That is an amazingly detailed description of a person, all derived from analysis of a person’s DNA. The DNA revealed the immutable traits inherent to the person to whom they belong, and the person identified as the subject matched those descriptors.

Such results are yet another example that our Creator, in all his wisdom and glory, creates us a certain way and our gender and other biological traits cannot be changed — other than superficially through surgery and/or drugs — based upon how we “feel” or “identify” ourselves.

Also, my wife, a nurse, was advised by a doctor that certain medications work differently in males than they do in females. Why is that? Because God made males physiologically different than females and nothing we subjectively feel can change that.


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