Democratic Party vanishes

I wonder how many people understand that we no longer have a “Democratic Party.” The liberal/socialist wing of the party have taken them over. The moderate members that are still there are afraid of them and do not speak up — cowards. These people are hell bent on destroying the America I love and am proud of. They demean our country every day on the news, the “fake news” networks of CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS and ABC. How did they subvert these great institutions? They hate our Constitution, democracy, our political system, everything American. They want to bring socialism to this country.

The professors in our colleges did this — liberal professors who have brainwashed our young people with dreams of a “better society.” Everything is “free, free, free.”

But there is no such thing as free anything — not college, not medical care.

If they get in power, you people will pay — you will start paying 70% of your wages to the government. That is how socialism works, and it goes up from there.

Socialism does not work — nice-sounding idea, but it does not work.

If these people dislike our country so much, get out! I do not want you here, either.


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