Gun control the wrong answer

I saw the news coverage of two mass shootings this weekend –At least only two as I write this. And I saw the televised media broadcasting the calls for “gun control” again, as usual. Wow. Everyone says “We need to fix this problem” (the killings) and then they launch off into the gun control thing again.

Now, I am a retired mental health professional and I worked in the Wisconsin Correctional System, so my professional work was with people who have often used weapons on other people. I am also a gun owner. Further, I have worked in law enforcement and that required my using a gun as a tool to perform my duty. I am also a wartime combat veteran and have used weapons and had weapons used on me.

In those jobs, I never met a gun that had mental health issues. I have met individuals who have, and further, I have met individuals with mental health issues who have used a weapon on other people.

Now, right away, let us exclude combat connected with war. The war might be insane but usually not the individuals who participate.

But in law enforcement, we find the people who use guns on other people have mental health issues. Is that too blanket a statement? I don’t think so. If you have a “spat” with a neighbor and you shoot the neighbor, you have mental health issues. If you shoot someone for whatever reason outside of your required job performance, you have mental health issues. Shooting people is not a thing done by a healthy mind.

We really need to focus on what drives the people who use guns on other people. They need mental health help and we are not doing a good job providing it. Let’s stop beating around the bush and go for the cure to this problem.

Maybe it is the money. Like any health care, you do not get mental health care for no cost. So, decide if you want to risk being the next target or do you want the solution? If you picked solution, then vote in someone who will provide that. The current group surely is not going to do that job.


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