Need more here to ‘shop local’

I am addressing the advertising in regard to shopping local. When I moved here in 2000, coming from Racine, Wis., I was more than thrilled with the people, the low crime rate and, at the time, where we could shop. There was JCPenney, Shopko, Walmart, Payless Shoe Source and Kmart. Besides that, there were some great places to eat, even though some were fast food. In my 19 years here, it is saddening to see the downslide of businesses that have closed their doors. No more JCPenney, no more Shopko no more Payless Shoe Source and no more Kmart. The only source is now only Walmart. After speaking with many people in this area, their response has always been, “Why do you think we travel to Marinette, Escanaba, or Green Bay?” Because there are so many more places to shop and get better clothing, produce and variety of everything else. We are limited to Walmart. Bring in a Meijer’s, Target or even Menards. Apparently, the city council doesn’t want to expand and keep people “local” as they advertise.

I love my home in Niagara, but Iron Mountain needs to start thinking of what people actually need. Variety as well as jobs for the people in our area.


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