Should Trump be above the law?

Is anyone above the law?

This requires we define what that means. It means that the justice system cannot investigate, charge/indict, try or convict a person for any suspected criminal act or activity. This has happened in some countries where the leader was viewed as ordained from a deific power, acquired a position by force, ordained as a king or became a dictator. This is the opposite of the value I believe this country and the Constitution stands for — nobody is above the law, no matter their wealth, gender, religion, sexual orientation or job/position in the private, religious or public sector including the U.S. president.

Is President Trump directing his lawyers to place him above the law? In the U.S. Court of Appeals this past month, his lawyers argued that President Trump cannot be charged with any crime while in office. The argument is that the country could not withstand that. This ignores history when we have lost presidents through resignation, and death. It is also the reason for having a vice president.

President Trump also seemed to see himself ordained by God, as apparently did Pat Robertson. President Trump has said he is above the law.

I and the U.S. court have rejected President Trump’s position. The danger this presents for the country is autocracy or the end of the value of justice for all.


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