Read what transcript?

I saw a rally on television and the folks in the background all had nice, new T-shirts that said, “Read the Transcript.” Now this caused a bit of confusion for me. What transcript am I being asked to read? I believe I know what piece of paper they want me to read and I have seen it. The very FIRST paragraph goes into detail stating that this is NOT a transcript. Got that? The document they are referring to is not a transcript. So there is no transcript. But someone wants me to read it. So they want me to read nothing? Well okay, I did. Just then. Top to bottom. It takes very little time to read nothing. It will take you longer to read this, because this is something. It takes longer to make T-shirts and hand them out.

But while we are in a reading mood, gather a child and read them a fairy tale. That actually exists and, in fact, is closer to the truth then this piece of paper the T-shirts are encouraging us to read. Someone thinks we are ignorant, I guess. I don’t know about you, but that is not me. I may be turning 75 this week but I still retain my mental acuity. Which is more than I can say for people who ask you to read nothing.