Deer proved scarce during hunting season

This year was the 60th deer season that I have hunted. It was by far the worst ever! I do not know where to put the blame, just would like to see some input from others.

I hunt in northern Menominee County. It was in the “no baiting” area. The first four days, I saw five deer, one spike horn. The last 10 days, I did not see a single deer and never heard a shot. The first four days, I heard 26 shots from my blind — you can hear shots from miles away while hunting. Something was very wrong with this. For a month before the season, I would go check my cameras and deer movement quit around Nov. 1. During that month, going back and forth to camp, I never saw a single deer. That has never happened to me — I have a 7-mile drive to my camp through the woods and nothing? In years past, say 20 years ago, you would hear 26 shots in the first hour of the season? When you don’t hear shooting, something is majorly wrong. Where are all the deer the DNR brags about? I guess chronic wasting disease killed them all off in the non-baiting area!


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